Do you have a favourite controller that you love to look at but don't use? Sure, you could use a character from your favourite game to hold it, but why not showcase it in a unique and very classy way with a sealed deep box frame! 

Halo Infinite Series X Controller framed

It puts the controller front and centre, making sure to draw anyone's attention to it wherever you place it on your wall. 

The artwork behind the controller is printed onto foamex that acts as a pleasant backdrop to help put more emphasis on the star of the show!

Front facing Xbox Series X Halo Infinite controller framed

The controller is safe within the frame, held in place by a 3D printed holder that easily allows you to put your own controller in, and should you want to remove it in the future, it's extremely easy to do so, as well. Save your pride and joy from dust and showcase it beautifully!

If having your controller in a frame sounds like something you'd like to look into, drop me an email on or use the contact form to get in touch. Let me know what you're after and before long, you'll have a unique frame for your controller!

Rear of controller frame with screw exposed