Discover 10 Things about Frame-A-Game

Discover 10 Things about Frame-A-Game

1. How it started

In 2021, I wanted to showcase my love of gaming at home, in a way that was personal. I couldn’t find anything out there, so I decided to design and create my own framed games. Fast forward to today and I’ve now sold over 2,500 frames.

2. Lovingly crafted

Frame-A-Game is run by just one person (that’s me!). From designing these stunning frames and assembling them with my own hands, every frame is made with meticulous care and precision. Taking great pride in every frame I make. Every. Single. Time. 

3. Game preservation

One thing that is paramount is the preservation of games. At Frame-A-Game, all products allow gamers to not only showcase their favourite game, but give them the ability to easily remove the game from the frame if they wanted to play it or admire it closer. Read more here.

4. Bespoke frames

Each frame is custom-made using premium materials. Ensuring that every frame houses the game(s) perfectly, with equal spacing and no unnecessary dead space, fit to the customer requirements.

5. Keeping your games safe

Every game case is safely held in place with a high-quality 0.4mm PET protector (called a slipcase), which means the game is never adhered to anything. A spindle is mounted in position to allow you to safely clip on (or off) the game disc. 

6. Let’s talk about glass

Each Exhibition Range frame comes with Plexiglas® UV100 acrylic as standard. With 99.7% UV protection, your game is safe from harmful light sources, such as the sun or interior lights. Alternatively, upgrade to Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic®, which boasts an anti-reflective finish, crystal clear clarity and shatter resistance, Tru(ly) offering the ultimate way to protect and display your cherished game. Read more here.

7. A frame for everyone

There is a variety of options available to display just one game, but if you prefer to display multiple games, you can choose from the Duo or Trilogy Ranges. At Frame-A-Game, you’ll be sure to find an option that suits your taste, home decor and most importantly, the game you wish to showcase. 

8. Make it personal

What could be better than adding a personalised engraved plaque to your framed game? Include the release date as a reminder of when the game launched, commemorate your platinum trophies or unlocked achievements, or add a meaningful quote or heartfelt message. Your frame, your way. 

9. It’s one-of-a-kind

Whether your game is rare, signed, limited edition or the copy you purchased on day one, these frames guarantee to show off your beloved game in a special and unique way. You will never find another frame the same as yours, with custom designs tailored for you or a loved one. 

10. What customers say about Frame-A-Game

I love hearing from my customers, it is so important to me to provide a service and products that everyone is happy with. With over 330 glowing 5-star reviews, check out my Trustpilot and read about others experiences with Frame-A-Game. See the latest reviews here!