Frame your favourite controllers with Frame-A-Game

Frame your favourite controllers with Frame-A-Game

Controllers play a pivotal role in every gamer's experience, transcending mere accessories to become essential tools for mastering the virtual world. 


For many gamers, controllers are more than just a means to an end. They are an extension of themselves (it's like choosing the perfect wand in Harry Potter, but with buttons and triggers.) Customised controllers allow gamers to express their personality and style. From unique designs to personalised button layouts, gamers can tailor their controllers to fit their preference and play style.

Multiple controllers

Gamers often possess multiple controllers for a range of reasons. Whether it's for backup, multiplayer gaming with friends and family, owning a special or limited edition controller, or merely for the pleasure of collecting them. Every controller serves a purpose. 

Exclusive versions

There is a wide range of special and limited controllers, that boast a variety of distinctive designs spanning from themes to colours. Certain gamers relish collecting controllers inspired by particular games such as Marvel’s Spider-man 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Fallout and Starfield.

It's understandable that gamers would keep rare controllers sealed for safekeeping, but why stash the others on shelves or in cupboards? The real question arises: once you've stopped using these controllers, what should you do with them next?

Enter Frame-A-Game

Now, gamers have the choice to frame their cherished controllers and showcase them proudly on their walls, treating them as the works of art they truly are, instead of letting them gather dust out of sight.

At present, I've created three frame options ready for you to insert your own controller. 

Controller only
Let your controller command the centre of attention within the frame, with this stylish approach. Customise the frame with a personalised plaque on the frame's exterior, ensuring its tailored specifically to you. 

Controller and game case
The ideal pairing for those who wish to omit the disc, opting instead to frame their best-loved game case alongside their controller.

Controller, game case and disc
The perfect way to frame your favourite game case and disc, along with your special edition controller for the ultimate masterpiece. 


Essential frame details

  1. Controllers will be safely secured to a mount board using a purpose made holder, presented in a beautiful deep box frame with a wood grain finish, ready to hang. 
  2. Every frame comes with your choice of a black or white front mount, which helps to add depth to the frame, whilst elegantly framing the controller inside. 
  3. Finally, each frame comes with standard acrylic glass. For the ultimate protection, you can upgrade to 99% UV protective acrylic or opt for the range topping Tru Vue Optium Museum acrylic! Your controller will thank you for the glow up!

It's time to celebrate your passion for gaming and enhance your ideal gaming setup by incorporating a Frame-A-Game controller frame into your gaming room, living space, or office 🫡