Quality frames for your games

Quality frames for your games

There is one thing that is paramount to Frame-A-Game, and that is the preservation of games and keeping them safe whilst on display. Using only the best materials is crucial to me when it comes to creating a product that stands the test of time.

When I started Frame-A-Game, I will admit that initially I used store-bought frames from a well-known Swedish company to keep my costs down. However, as my business grew and I expanded my product ranges and created numerous custom designs, I decided that I wanted to provide customers with high-quality bespoke frames.  

Why are high-quality frames important?

Investment value: High-quality frames are made from superior materials that provide durability and longevity over time. This ensures that your framed games remain well-protected and look good for many years. 

Aesthetic appeal: Offering a polished and professional look, the frames enhance the visual appeal of the game case and disc artwork they encase. 

Protection of contents: High-quality frames often come with better-quality glass or acrylic that provides UV protection and a reduction in reflections. Especially if they are collectible or have sentimental value. That is why all frames come with the option to upgrade the acrylic glass to Plexiglas UV 100 (99% UV protection) and/or museum grade quality Tru Vue Optium acrylic (anti-reflective, anti-static). However UV 100 comes as standard on all these ranges:

  • Exhibition
  • Trilogy
  • Duo
  • Steelbook Art
  • Steelbook
  • Full Sleeve Ranges. 

Don't be fooled by cheaper frames on the market. You can always spot frames that aren't made to a high standard as they don't have painted backs. Remember, quality materials are the foundation of a successful product.

How do I ensure I use only the best materials for frames?

Since I manage Frame-A-Game on my own alongside my regular 9-5 job, I knew that to offer my customers the quality frames they deserve, I would need to source them from the experts.

By conducting thorough market research, I have carefully selected a UK supplier that provides top-quality materials with wood sourced from Italy. All frames and mounts are manufactured exclusively in the UK, which is another reason I chose them. It's wonderful to support fellow UK businesses.

Working with this business has allowed me to ensure that each frame is customised to precise measurements to reflect my framed gamed design layouts. Other businesses that offer similar products are at a distinct disadvantage because I will never squeeze a game in or allow unnecessary dead space to draw attention away from the game.

    What are the benefits?

    First and foremost, it allows me to be innovative, creating more ranges and styles for customers to purchase as well as producing custom designs.

    And since all frames are made to order, you can confidently showcase a variety of different ranges on your wall, knowing you won't end up with a display of mismatched frames.

    Lovingly crafted

    The importance of using top-quality materials for frames cannot be overstated, as it significantly impacts the final product's quality and longevity. That's why I prioritise my customers' needs by providing excellent, well-made frames that not only look amazing but are also maintained to a high standard.

    Remember with Frame-A-Game, each frame is carefully made, every single time  🫡