Time For A Change - Frame-A-Game

Time For A Change

Hi folks,

You probably have some questions around the sudden rebranding of Frame-A-Game, the loss of favourite products on my store and why I have introduced a new minimalist showcase range. 

As you know my customers are always my priority and I genuinely love what I do. Over the last 15 months I have been on an incredible journey with my company, seeing the community grow around me, increasing the products and services on offer and looking for new ways to elevate my products to the next level. However, in order to achieve this respectfully and legally, I need to ensure all my product designs do not infringe anyone's copyright.

Additionally, you might also be aware that this year, I have inspired a couple of competitors to start their own framing businesses which is great to see. However, it has been increasingly frustrating to witness a direct copycat use the artwork designs I’ve created and sell them off as their own idea, along with other original content I’ve posted on my channels.

So to protect my brand reputation, my loyal customers and to continue Frame-A-Game to the highest standard, I decided the best option was to rebrand. 

Which brings me to The Showcase Range. I feel this is a more premium and exclusive way to show off the game's artwork, especially if you have rarer or signed copies of games. My idea is to give my frames that touch of sophistication and class, and the addition of the chrome plaque will set off any room with its discreet but luxurious look.

I can assure you all that I am also disappointed that I cannot proceed with selling my old products at this stage, however I hope you all enjoy my new range, and continue on this journey with me. More exciting products and collections will be available soon.

Keep your eyes peeled,
The Framey Gamey Man 🫡


The Showcase Range in a snapshot: 

  • New minimalist style designs
  • Plaque options with disc/case
  • Custom frames with or without plaques
  • Size of frames 230 x 280mm (9.06 x 11.02")
  • Available in black or white options
  • Chrome, gold or black plaque options available