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Buy any frame with a slipcase suitable for your game and you're good to go.

Make it personal

Personalised your engraved plaque.

Make it special

Frame your entire collection (if you want to of course).

Can't quite find what you're looking for? Choose the perfect frame for your game and make it unique to you with the ranges below. You can even add a touch of class with an engraved personalised plaque, marking a commemorative moment, achievement or special message.

Detailed below you'll find the different 'Use Your Own Game' options that can be found to help tailor your perfect frame.

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The Combined Range

Looking for something specific?

There's probably a frame for that

The Exhibition Range

The ultimate way to showcase your favourite game is here! The Exhibition Range was designed to highlight both game case and disc, perfect for signed games, steelbooks or just about any game that is special to you. Available in multiple sizes and comes complete with a beautiful wood grain finish.

The New Combined Range

Having the game case and disc on display is a great way to show off the game in a unique way. The disc sits safely underneath the case whilst the case is secured safely in a raised slipcase. Add an optional plaque with the games release date, or a personalised message if you're providing this to someone special.

The Display Case Range

Framing games doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to make your wall more personal to you in a minimalistic yet stunning way, The Display Case Range is for you.

Get a personalised plaque

What could be better than adding a touch of personalisation to your framed game? Get the release date added as a reminder of when the game came out, or if you're a developer and want to add your credit from the game you can do that, too.

Frame your Platinums

Have you ever wanted to commemorate your trophies in a stunning and unique way? Frame the games you’ve earned a platinum in with these contemporary art pieces and personalised plaques. Just add the text you'd like when adding the product to your cart.

Frame your Achievements

Did you invest many hours into your favourite game to earn that hard to get achievement? Make sure you put this accomplishment on display with a plaque to show your hard work in style. Add the name of you achievement and unlock date for a personal touch.

You're in safe hands

Whether your game is rare, signed, limited edition or the copy you purchased on day one, you can rest assured that Frame-A-Game has you covered.

If you have any questions about how games are safely framed, check out the keeping your games safe page, or if you have a question that isn't covered, please feel free to contact me.