Purchasing A 'Game Supplied' Frame-A-Game?

Purchasing A 'Game Supplied' Frame-A-Game?

Considering purchasing a 'Game Supplied' Frame-A-Game as you don't own a copy of the game, but curious about where I source the games before you commit? Well you've come to the right place 😎

It depends on when the game has been released

For newer games, I'll make sure I acquire a brand new copy. However, if you're interested in older or retro games, I'll purchase pre-owned versions. 

Game case artwork

Please be aware that being located in the United Kingdom, I use PAL games, resulting in potential differences in artwork compared to other regions, such as NTSC counterparts. The artwork displayed on the game case is representative of the provided version.

This is where the fun begins

I'm fortunate to have seven nearby Complete Entertainment eXchange (CeX) stores. As the UK's largest second-hand electronics and entertainment specialists, I often find many of the games I require in these shops. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll notice that I frequent CeX quite often. Having visited numerous times, I'm now quite familiar with the staff, making it enjoyable to catch-up with them during my visits.

If I can't find the games at CeX, my next stop is eBay. While there are other online retailers, these two are my primary sources for purchasing pre-owned games.

For newer games, I'll purchase them from trusted partners, like Monster Shop.

Meeting my standards

I prefer to shop in-person as it allows me to personally inspect the condition of the discs and game cases to ensure they meet my standards before purchasing the games to use in my frames. 

The important thing that I look for is a good conditioned artwork sleeve, so if the case is damaged or needs replacing, I have a range of reproduced cases ready to go. 

All games are 100% genuine

All games are authentic, complete with original artwork sleeves, discs/carts, and often manuals too! I strive to select the best-conditioned discs available for older games, but given the nature of the second-hand market, I cannot guarantee their condition will be immaculate. Please consider this before making a purchase.

All games are playable!

Since the games are sourced from CeX or eBay and are entirely genuine, you have the option to play them if desired. At Frame-A-Game, game preservation is a priority, and I've taken steps to ensure that my framing process facilitates this. Both the disc/cart and game case are securely held in place without any adhesion, providing you with the flexibility to remove the game should you wish to play it.

Final thoughts

By choosing 'Game Supplied', it takes the hassle out of searching for your own copy, saving you the time to spend on what's important to you. It's all part of the Frame-A-Game service and you know you'll be in safe hands 🫡