A brush of elegance

Showcasing games just got greater.

Discover The Expo Range

Frame a game, your way

The Expo Range presents a novel method for exhibiting your beloved game according to your preferences. Fancy a sleek appearance? Exclude the mount. Craving elegance? Integrate a personalised plaque. It's up to you.

Brushed excellence

Having a framed game that looks good doesn't have to come at a premium. All Expo Range frames have a super-sleek brushed wood finished in black. Whether you're placing one or multiple frames in your space, they will be sure to be understated yet a focal point.

Stay protected

As with all framed games*, you can rest assured that your game is always held in place in a completely safe way. This is because all frames include super-strong 0.4mm PET protectors to hold games safely in place.

*Excludes Full Sleeve Range