Discount for devs

An exclusive discount for the hard work you've invested into the games we love.

How do I get 20% off?

Find the answer you're looking for below.
What do I need to provide you to get the discount?

To ensure this discount is used exclusively for developers, I request that you email me with proof of your role/current position. That's it! Once I've cross-referenced this info, you'll receive a unique code for your purchase.

What is the discount valid on?

Your 20% discount is valid on any purchase (excluding gift cards and acrylic glass upgrades) you make whether that's for one frame or more and is available for individuals to use only.

Do I need an account to get the discount?

You do indeed. Please make sure you've created an account as your discount code will be linked to your account.

Why are you offering this discount?

It's a thank you from me to every developer who has had a part to play in creating the games we all love.

Do I need permission to use imagery from the game?

Yes. It's very important that you get the green light from someone who can give you permission to use any keyart from the game. This way, we're both covered since it's copyrighted material and all.

Do you offer glass upgrade options for Developer Range frames?

Upgrade options for the glass are not available for the Developer Range due to it being printed acrylic. However, you can upgrade the glass for the DevEx Range. To see the latest options, click here.

Is this discount valid for studios, too?

Of course!

Are there any exclusions?

The discount cannot be used on sale items or gift cards.

Have a question not answered above?

Drop an email and I'll help you out.