Why you should Frame-A-Game - Frame-A-Game

Why you should Frame-A-Game

I believe gaming is a true art form. There is just something about the freedom to be able to step into a world where you can become anything you want, fully immerse yourself into a gripping story and have unforgettable experiences whether it’s by yourself or with friends. It provides you with endless possibilities to ignite your passion and imagination. 

No doubt it takes a lot of skill, effort and dedication to complete certain games. That is why it’s all made worthwhile when you hear that PlayStation Trophy sound or Xbox achievement pop. It’s a never ending feeling of pure satisfaction, so my question to you, is why let that be the end?

By framing your favourite games, you can proudly celebrate those accomplishments, continue that feeling of pride and relive those moments over and over again. 

I myself have been gaming since I was a child and I have made so many countless memories over the years. Playing Halo, one of my favourite franchises, I’ve formed friendships with amazing people who still to this day I am very close with. Who’d of thought I’d of ended up going to someone’s wedding when many years before I was gleefully running them over in a Warthog…😈 And that is why I started framing my own games back in 2021. I wanted to have something personal and memorable to showcase my love of the first Halo trilogy and be reminded of those great times I shared with my friends.

So whether you game to escape, catch-up with friends, play competitively or you work in the gaming industry. Choosing Frame-A-Game allows you the ultimate way to proudly display whatever gaming means to you and make it personal.

Now it’s over to you to decide which game you want to frame first.

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